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Are You Facing A Criminal Traffic Violation?

Speeding is something that almost everyone does, but when you are unfortunate enough to get caught, it can turn into a major headache. Excessive speeding in Arizona is a misdemeanor offense. Depending on your traffic record, you could end up facing suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. Nobody wants to deal with that.

At Grand Canyon Defense, attorney David Moore can help you address criminal traffic violations. A seasoned defense lawyer, he understands the stressful nature of navigating the justice system. His goal is to make it easy for you by handling the legwork of pursuing a strong defense.

Attorney Moore also handles related charges such as:

What Is Excessive Speeding In Arizona?

While many speeding tickets are civil violations with no criminal consequences, excessive speeding is a criminal offense. Arizona law defines excessive speeding as:

  • Going 20 or more mph over the posted speed limit
  • Going 45 mph or more in a residential or business district where no speed limit is posted
  • Going more than 35 mph at a school crossing

Interstate 40 is notorious for extreme speeding. If you get pulled over doing 100 or more miles per hour, you could also find yourself facing reckless driving charges.

Are You From Out Of State?

If you are a snowbird, college student or vacationer who got pulled over for speeding in Arizona, you cannot ignore the offense and hope it will go away. That could result in a warrant for your arrest and a criminal record that turns up on background checks.

Your best bet is to enlist an Arizona attorney to help you fight the charges. Attorney Moore routinely represents clients from out of state. He is committed to helping you move forward so you don’t have to deal with a nagging legal charge hanging over your head.

Talk To A Former Prosecutor About Your Case

As an experienced defense lawyer and former prosecutor, attorney Moore understands the nuances of Arizona traffic law as well as the criminal justice system. Put that experience to work for you by calling 602-844-4067 or by contacting the firm online.