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Do Not Make This Mistake When Facing Possible Sex Offense Charges

Accusations of a sex offense can take your life on a downward spiral, impacting everything from your job and education to your freedom and plans for the future. Though you may be tempted to defend yourself by speaking with law enforcement, don’t do it. Talking with investigators can quickly backfire. They are highly trained to elicit incriminating information that can come back to haunt you later.

The best thing you can do? Talk to a knowledgeable defense attorney as soon as possible.

How Grand Canyon Defense Can Help

If you are facing sex offense charges in Arizona, contact lawyer David Moore at Grand Canyon Defense in Scottsdale. Attorney Moore is a former prosecutor with a wealth of experience handling high-stakes criminal cases, including felony offenses and capital crimes. He knows how to develop effective defense strategies from day one.

Grand Canyon Defense will closely examine all the circumstances to pinpoint holes in the state’s case. Possible defense might include:

  • Consent
  • Gaps in evidence
  • Problems with witness credibility
  • Lack of mental capacity (insanity)
  • Entrapment

Attorney Moore knows how to leverage those weaknesses to pursue a better outcome – whether that means negotiating a plea for a lesser charge, challenging the state’s case at trial or seeking outright dismissal. Should your case go to trial, he is an experienced advocate in the courtroom.

Types Of Sex Offenses Charges

Reach out for help with sex crime charges such as:

  • Sexual assault (rape)
  • Sexual abuse
  • Statutory rape (sexual conduct with a minor)
  • Sexual extortion
  • Child pornography
  • Luring a minor
  • Indecent exposure

Most of these charges are felonies. This means you could be looking at harsh penalties such as a lengthy prison sentence without the option for early release, a permanent conviction on your record and mandatory sex offender registration. If you are a college student, accusations of sexual misconduct can also lead to college disciplinary proceedings, which could result in your expulsion.

Aggravating Factors For Arizona Sex Crimes

Harsher penalties are more likely when the state alleges aggravating factors such as:

  • Use of date-rape drugs
  • An alleged victim under 15 years old
  • Use of threats, force or a weapon
  • Circumstances showing extreme cruelty

When aggravating factors come into play, a solid defensive strategy is all the more critical. Attorney Moore knows how to challenge these factors effectively.

Contact The Firm Today

As soon as you learn you are under investigation for a sex offense – or get arrested for an alleged sex crime – contact Grand Canyon Defense at 602-844-4067.